Mixed Cold Cuts and Cheeses from the Formazza Valley Ossola (Local Dish)
Carpaccio of Salmon Trout Marinated in Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Fantoli Verbania)
Cold Veal in Tuna Sauce 
Snails with Black Brown Rice (Soc.Agr. Aina Novara) and Cream of Black Truffe
Alba Style Raw Beef Flavoured with Trufflessence 
Raw Ham Vigezzo Valley and Three Goat and Sheep Cheeses(Local Dish)
Raw Ham "Parma"

First corse 

Paniscia alla Novarese Local Dish Risotto with Sausage-Vegetables and Beans
Piedmontese Ravioli with Mushrooms sauce
Home Made Potatoes Dumplings with Melted Butter and Parmesan-cheese
Ravioli with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach with Butter and Sage
Home Made Noodles with Bagna Caoda (TraditionalSauce-Anchvies-Garlic-Cream-Oil)
Home Made Layers of Pasta Alternating with Meat-Strong Cheese from Piemonte and Tomatoes Baked
Ravioli Stuffing Speck Radicchio (Red Salad) with Butter Parmesan-Cheese and Rosemary   
Home Made Noodls (White-Green) with Missultitt (Fisch Typical Lago Maggiore) Local Dish
Home Made Crêpes with Ham and Cheese
Soup Pavese(Broth with an Egg & Slices of Fried Bread)


Mix Salad 
Insalata Aida(Green Salad- Tomato-Artichokes-Capsicum-Olives-Hard-boiled Eggs)
Insalata Ricca(Green Salad- Tomato- Capsicum-Hard-boiled Eggs- cheese- Boilerham)
Broiled Mixed Vegetables 


Broiled Salmon Steak 
Gilt-Head Fillets Meunière with Lemon and Capers 
Trout in red wine sauce 
Salmon Trout Fillet with Aromatic Butter 
Panfried Sea Bass with Fresh Fennel 
WhiteFisch with Butter and Sage 
Hot Carpaccio of Pike-Fish of the Lago Maggiore with Tomatoes-Parsley
Tench Steak with Rosemary and Extra Virgin Olive oil


Dick Breast with Green Whole Pepper
Spring Chicken of Val Vigezzo with Mustard Sauce 
Grilled Sirloin-Steak of Beef (Piedmont Meat)
Braised Section of Veal Knuckle with Saffron Risotto 
Breast of Roast Guinea-Fowl with Gattinara (Wine) Sauce and Plums 
Roast Quails with Saffron Risotto 
Filet of Pork Roast with  Apples in Red Wine Sauce
Breaded Veal Escalope with Boiled Ham and Cheese 

Local cheese plate 

All dishes of meat andfish included of vegetables 


Home Made Dessert

Cooked Cream 
Local Dessert Schokoladenpudding whit amaretto 
La Streccia Tart (candida fruits-almond-pine-nuts-rice-vanilla)
CannobioCake (almond flour-Basel nut flour-vanilla 
Hazel-Nut  Cake
Citron Sherbet with Vodka 
Cottage Cheese and Wild Strawberry Parfait


Service charge included 


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Hidden in the narrow roads (called “strecce”) close to the lakeside, you will find a rural welcoming building divided into three rooms. The first one is a foyer with a bar, the second one is a wide hall with large luminous windows and the third one has a large chimney; all of them are ideal for those who want to spend pleasant ...


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